Mandy Moore Debuted Some New Bangs at the Emmys

mandy moore waving to camera on the 2021 emmys red carpetGetty Images

This Is Us is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the 2021 Emmy Awards, and star Mandy Moore is bringing the drama with brand new bangs and a voluminous high ponytail on the red carpet. As her stylist Ashley Streicher shared in a press release, “we decided to go a little Audrey Hepburn with it.” 

The full bangs, expertly tousled, pair well with a few face-framing waves and classic red lipstick — all of which were designed to complement her classic Hollywood red Carolina Herrera gown. Streicher took her Instagram followers through part of her prep process, which started by setting up a work station made up of Garnier products and T3 tools. She had Moore wash the night before with Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo, then prepped and styled with Garnier's Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray and Flexible Control Hairspray. She used the T3 Lucea flat iron to smooth out and set the exciting new bangs.

In an appropriate theme for television's biggest night, Streicher revealed that Moore's brand new bangs are a bit of Hollywood magic. The bangs aren't a fresh cut, but a faux piece that Streicher created for the evening. “I made sure to have some of her natural hairline in there to keep them looking as real as possible,” she said. 

a full length photo of mandy moore wearing a red dress with her hair pulled back in a ponytail at the 2021 emmysGetty Images

Even with all the glam around her, Moore, who has an eight-month old son at home, is keeping the night in perspective. She's only posted one Instagram Story about the Emmys so far, and it's a photo of her breast pump — captioned “tonight's MVP accessory."


5 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes May Be Falling Out

Woman with freckles looking up behind a plantGetty Images

It's not unusual to, every now and then, find a fallen eyelash on your cheek — make a wish, right? But if you're noticing them more frequently or seeing several at a time, you may find yourself wishing for answers as to why your lashes are falling out.

Like the hair on our heads, the little hairs that frame our eyes go through phases of growth, rest, and shedding. But when eyelash shedding becomes more pronounced, it can be very disconcerting, especially if you're not sure why it's happening.

"Missing eyelashes can be a sign of internal or external causes, such as autoimmune disease or trauma," says Heidi Prather, a board-certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas. "Loss of eyelashes should be assessed by a board-certified dermatologist either in-person or by telehealth to rule out any treatable causes."

For treatable causes, there are several options including a prescription. "Latisse is an FDA-approved topical that works by supporting the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes and specifically extends the growth phase of hairs and extends their life before they shed," says Deanne Mraz Robinson, a board-certified dermatologist in Westport, Connecticut. "Because the serum has to work with your natural growth cycle, it can take a few months until you see results. Patience and daily use are important."

Closeup of woman's eye and eyelashes. She has glossy lids and water droplets on her lashes.Getty Images

Prather will sometimes start patients on a non-prescription option first, like RevitaLash, which features a complex containing biotin, green tea extract, antioxidants, and peptides. "Because Latisse can be irritating for some people and can also result in redness or increased pigment in the areas treated, I will typically start with RevitaLash nightly to the lash line." If this is well-tolerated and the patient wants longer lashes, she'll then add in Latisse.

But before you can proceed with a treatment for eyelash loss, you have to know the cause. We spoke to the experts about the reasons you may be noticing a lack of lashes — and after you read about it, talk to your doctor.

"If you're experiencing something new with your hair or skin, it's always best to have your board-certified dermatologist take a look," Mraz Robinson says. "Sometimes it's related to a moment in time, but sometimes it can be related to an underlying medical issue and that's what we're here to help you with."

1. You may be dealing with stress or trauma

"It's common to see excessive hair shedding when we're experiencing a surge in stress," Mraz Robinson tells Allure, and hair can include eyelashes. She says this type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium, often correlated to a stressful event like an illness, surgery, or emotional stress. "The stress triggers more hairs than usual to enter the telogen or 'resting' phase of the hair growth cycle, which can leave your scalp, brows, and eyelashes looking thinner," she says.

Another way stress could impact hair thinning, Mraz Robinson says, is behavior. "We tend to rub our faces and eyes more when we are stressed or even pick or pull at our lashes," she explains.

2. You may have underlying medical conditions

Although Prather says trauma is the most common cause of eyelash loss, it can sometimes be traced to a medical condition.

"If you notice missing patches of eyelashes, it can be from an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata that can cause inflammation at the hair follicle, resulting in hair or eyelash loss," she tells Allure.

According to Mraz Robinson, hormones can also play a role. "If your thinning isn't correlated to stress or behavior and feels ever-present, you should talk to your doctor about other causes of alopecia, which can be due to hormonal and/or endocrine shifts," she says. The doctor may want to rule out conditions such as lupus or lichen planuspilaris, other autoimmune disorders.

3. You may be dealing with inflammation, infection, or irritation

"Infections on the lash line, such as styes, can often result in significant inflammation that can result in eyelash loss," Prather says, urging anyone with signs of an infection, like tenderness and swelling, to reach out to a doctor ASAP.

That's not the only cause of inflammation. In addition to alopecia areata, inflammation can be the result of products such as eye makeup or cleansers, Mraz Robinson says. "The eye area is extremely sensitive, so even if you aren't prone to reactions elsewhere on your body, this can happen," she notes.

4. You used the wrong lash extensions — or glue

Speaking of irritation, "Adhesives are one the most common causes of contact allergy and irritation on the skin," Prather says. However, the lash extensions themselves may be the more likely culprit.

"When choosing lash extensions, smaller and finer extensions are less traumatic on the lash," she says. Individual, fine lashes allow for a more delicate lash removal, she explains, whereas larger-volume sets use thicker lashes that can weigh down your natural lashes and be more difficult to remove. "I've seen patients come in with short, broken lashes from accidentally pulling off the lash extension and breaking the lash at the glue line."

Closeup profile of a woman with freckles focusing on her long eyelashes.Getty Images

Mraz Robinson says that a faux lash falling out may cause more panic than is necessary. "Eyelashes follow a growth cycle, so it can be alarming when you see big lashes with extensions attached falling down your cheeks," she says. "However, chances are you were losing that lash anyway, but without an extension attached you wouldn't have noticed the thin little wisp."

5. You're cleansing incorrectly

If you tend to wash your face pretty vigorously, you should consider toning it down around your eyes in order to let your natural lashes live out their longest possible life. "Tugging can prematurely cause hairs that are vulnerable and/or on the verge of shedding to come loose," Mraz Robinson tells Allure.

She recommends blotting eyes — not rubbing — and gently patting the area dry with a towel after washing your face. "Your lashes will thank you, and so will the thin skin in the eye area that is prone to wrinkling."

Prather says it’s important to use oil-based cleansers to remove makeup — especially false lashes. "Coconut oil or baby oil can be used as an easy at-home method to loosen eyelash glue. Start by gently tapping the oil onto the lash line and massaging it in. Use warm compresses to pat the area with water and repeat until you feel the glue loosen up," she says. The combination of oil and gentle heat can break down the adhesive without traumatizing your lashes or eyes.


The Best Manicures at the 2021 Emmy Awards

Extremely Long Nails Ruled the 2021 Emmys Red Carpet  See Photos

Getty Images

Last year's Emmy Awards were a virtual production, so there was no red carpet for celebrities to enjoy, which meant the glam was a bit more low-key than usual. But for the 73rd ceremony, the grand ole red carpet is back, giving stars the picture chance to make up for lost time — and they didn't disappoint. Folks look absolutely glamorous with slicked-back hair, intricate updos, and vibrant lipstick hues.

While the expertly coiffed hair and glam makeup is always amazing, we can't forget about the gorgeous manicures lying at everyone's fingertips. For TV's biggest night, stars were experimenting with lengthy nails, sharp shapes, and even a few 3D decals. Here are our favorite nail looks from the night. 

Emma Corrin

Emma Corrin's black pointy nailsGetty Images

Emma Corrin arrived on the red carpet in London wearing a pale yellow strapless dress with a matching bonnet and fingerless gloves. Poking through the glove holes are her very long, pitch black nails in a stiletto shape. This dark manicure is a shocking choice for the light dress, but we think it paid off well. 

Taraji P Henson 

taraji p henson posing at the 2021 emmy awards with ruby red stiletto manicureGetty Images

Henson's nails are full of length and drama. This gorgeous deep red shade complements the stiletto shape so well. On a few select nails lies red gems in various sizes that are a similar shade to the sinister hue. We love how the index finger on her right hand and ring finger on the left both have large diamond-shaped, ruby-colored gems. 

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez 

close up of michaela jae rodriguez  nails at the 2021 emmy awardsGetty Images

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez kept it simple with a white manicure to match her gorgeous teal gown. But she definitely didn't shy away from any length over here. We love the long, stiletto shape paired with the classic white nail polish. 

Cynthia Erivo 

cynthia erivo french manicure at 2021 emmy awardsGetty Imagesclose up of cynthia erivo smiling with white gown and long french manicureGetty Images

Now, Cynthia Erivo's white mermaid gown with a blue-and-green feather train is so stunning you have missed the equally as gorgeous French manicure she has. She opted for a C-curve white tip on a very long coffin shape. While this is a conventional manicure, if you look closely you can see a pretty swirly pattern on her index finger. 

Rachel Lindsay 

close up of rachel lindsay's blackandwhite manicureGetty Images

This mismatched black-and-white manicure belongs to former Bachelorette contestant Rachel Lindsay. In addition to the two-toned color, there is also a marble pattern on a few of the white nails plus some gold accents. The neutral manicure looks gorgeous alongside her strapless tangerine gown. 

Ashley Nicole Black

close up of ashley nicole black holding black clutch with redandorange manicureGetty Images

Ashley Nicole Black vibrant two-toned manicure is the cutest. We love how the orange and red colors match the hues in her flowy gown. Her short nails are a great size and length for the slanted design. 

Zuri Hall

close up of zuri hall gray french manicureGetty Images

Access Hollywood correspondent Zuri Hall remixed the French manicure to complement her long sleeve white dress. Her almond-shaped nails have slanted blobs of gray polish on top of a white-ish base rather than the typical French tips.

Akilah Green

close up of Akilah Green holding silver clutch with blue french manicure and silver jewelryGetty Images

French manicures are having a moment tonight. Writer Akilah Green showed up on the carpet with these stunning nails with blue tips that match her sequin gown. The oval shape is perfect for these short-to-medium nails. 

Red carpet events like the Emmys are the time to experiment with new shapes and decals. Just because it's a formal event doesn't mean all the nails need to be short and nude, and these eye-catching manicures definitely prove that.